While our school offers training to a high level, our youngest students are just as important, and are here to have fun, develop their confidence and make new friends. Collating 18 years of teaching experience, Elaine has developed her own syllabus especially for our youngest students. We have separate Nursery and Reception classes which cover Ballet, Tap and Acrobatic Arts fundamentals. Both of these classes use mime and story telling for everything we do in class so the children are never bored. From Disney Princesses to soldiers, we use a lot of character work to inspire the children's imaginations and make the class as fun for them as possible. Parents are invited to watch the first class so you can see what we do, and to ensure your child is settled. From the second week (if possible), we then ask you to either wait in the Sunny Room along the corridor, or you can leave the building so long as we have contact numbers. The children benefit the most when parents/siblings are not in the room as they concentrate on what's going on in class and get involved a lot more. We hold regular open classes so that you can see how your child is progressing.

Our Rosette class is for those in Year 1 and bridges the gap between the story telling of Early Years classes, and the Grade classes. In this class the students can take Rosette exams with the IDTA; with a Teacher instructing them throughout; it is a gentle introduction to the exam process and gives the students some recognition for their dancing. They receive a certificate, an engraved banner and a different coloured rosette for each exam taken. Once the children are ready; usually in Year 2, they will then begin the graded classes of the IDTA, starting with Preparatory. They can choose to take Freestyle and Acrobatic Arts as separate classes and later on, Contemporary.

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